21 Foundation

patrick_newell21 Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Learning Activist and Tokyo International School founder Patrick Newell, to raise awareness of the need to fundamentally shift education in order to equip 21st century learners with the skills that will enable them to flourish in life.

21:21, our documentary film shot in schools all around the world, highlights the core fundamentals of 21st century learning, and demonstrates the potential of these learning methods to inspire and empower children from all backgrounds. Patrick has navigated change and enhanced learning environments in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and North America.


5689438254_2db4cfd918_nThe majority of today’s parents were educated in schools in which the curriculum was largely based on typical early 20th century models. Because of this, they lack a clear understanding of the modern needs of 21st century learners, and find it challenging to create learning environments outside of school which embrace enquiry and nurture curiosity.

it is vital that parents understand that they are the primary educators, and no longer can schools be held wholly accountable for the education of their children.

About 50% of a child’s awake time is spent with their parents, who can offer their children a 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 teacher-learner ratio: they are in the prime position to encourage exploration, discovery and engagement, and it is of vital importance that they do so.

21st Century Skills

rainbow_081110Whilst there has been much discussion of what 21st century education should look like, few schools or educational programs have actually implemented the changes necessary to prepare children for the challenges of 21st Century life. Because of this, there is now a major gap between the skills that young people leave their formal education with, and those that they need in order to prosper as adults.

21 Foundation Initiatives

Initiatives21 Foundation is a non-profit organization with the objective of seeing 21st century learning methods and skills adopted worldwide. Through these, learners will gain the skill sets and confidence they need to live happy, healthy lives contributing to the future peace and prosperity of humankind.

One of the core elements of 21st century education that we explore in our documentary film 21:21 is that of Parents as the Primary Educators.

With children typically spending as little as 20% of their time in school, the role that parents play in equipping them for life as adults in the 21st century is critical.

21 Foundation is now carrying out an extensive research program into the tools & resources available to parents to assist them in actively supporting their children in their learning.

Through this process we will identify key areas where the introduction of 21st century learning methods & tools can have a significant impact upon a child’s education, and then in collaboration with partner organizations develop the necessary tools and learning frameworks to transform the learning experience.

Please contact us if you are interested in taking part in this valuable process.

Interviews with leading education specialists

During the making of 21:21, we interviewed many leading education specialists to hear their thoughts on the needs of 21st century learners.